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The Amish

The Orrs have lived side by side with the Amish for generations. As  noted previously, the Orrs were actually here on this land long before the Amish.   They are not a sideshow or tourist attraction for us.   We know them as real people with real problems.  
Last Fall we had an incident involving an Amish neighbor and a deer.   It was not a pleasant encounter and one that might have turned out differently if a couple of people who clearly have personal grudges against us had not gotten involved.  One of them threatened to write letters to "many newspapers" to let people know that we hate the Amish.
 I feel I need to set the record straight.
First and foremost.....we do not "hate the Amish".  What a ridiculous statement!
How could anyone hate an entire group of people?  According to Wipekedia, there are 227,000 amish in the US.   It would make sense that there would be a few who don't meet all the standards of the faith.   But that does not mean I would hate all of them for the actions of a few.    I also take exception ot the very word HATE.   I might not agree with a person's actions, but I think hate is much too strong a word.  
There are so many really wonderful Amish people. I personally know many who are outstanding human beings.   The Orrs have lived side by side with them for generations.  Many of them are extremely hard working, intelligent people.   Like any group of people, there is a wide assortment of personalities and mentalities.
When I think of people like "Rope Andy"...whom I think is one of the smartest people I know .....or "Airworks Rueben" who could be CEO of a Fortune 500 company.. or that wonderful old man who would come to a barn raising and without any formal architectural training could organize volunteers and build a solid structure in a day......it is just ridiculous to think I would "hate" them.   When I mentally go around our immediate neighborhood, I can think of many really good people  with a wide assortment of talents.   We often comment that the man at the corner of Lautenschlager and Millbourne is one of the best farmers we know...he seems to always do things at the right time (except for last year's hay crop),      When we remodeled our house, we set a goal of having all work done by people within 10 miles of our house...mostly by amish craftsmen....and we are quite happy with the wonderful work they all did.
All major religious groups have a variety of sects within it...be it the Jewish faith with their Hasidic segment or the amish with the Swartzentrubers or all the other groups in other denominations.   All Jews do not agree with and are not responsible for the actions of all other Jews, all Baptists don't agree with all other Baptists,  all Amish do not agree with the actions of every other Amish person...etc etc.    Just like all blondes are not responsible for the actions of Britney Spears or Paris Hilton.     I would never presume to judge all Amish by the actions of a few.
One last comment....twice a year we get a very fat envelope full of tax statements.  I don't see anyone else offering ot pay them......so it is my firm belief that since this in our land, we have every right to restrict whom we allow to enter that land for whatever purpose. 
OFFICIAL POSTING:   As of Jan. 1, 2009 NO ONE has permission to hunt or enter our land for any  purpose.  If you had permission in the past..that permission is now rescinded.   The game warden says that it is not necessary to post "no hunting" signs.   He made the point that banks are not required to have "no robberies" signs.   
Most of you know why we have come to this point.  I am sorry that your hobby is affected...perhaps you need to take it up with Eli. 
This also applies to making fire wood, hunting for mushrooms, or just generally walking through the woods.   Again...take it up with Eli. 

"Peace in the Valley" 
Well I’m tired and so weary but I must toil on

Til the lord comes to call, call me away

Where the morning is bright and the lamb is the light

And the night is as dark as the sea

There’ll be peace in the valley for me someday

There’ll be peace in the valley for me oh lord I pray

There’ll be no more sadness or sorrow or trouble will be

There’ll be peace in the valley for me

Well the bear will be gentle and the wolf will be tame

And the lion shall lay down by the lamb

And the beast from the wild will be led by a child

And I’ll be changed from the creature that I am

There’ll be peace in the valley for me someday

There’ll be peace in the valley for me oh lord I pray

There’ll be no sadness no sorrow or trouble my darling for me

There’ll be peace in the valley for me