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2008 South African Employees page

I regret that I didn't think to make pages for the first two crews who came over to work for us.  
Please know that your hard work was appreciated and we have good memories of you. 

2008 SEASON:
We brought 10 gentlemen from South African over to work for us this year.  Since it is a challenge to get our American brains around their names they ended up with Americanized nick names.    One  even agreed to be called "Donut" partly because he is a baker in SA and mostly because he is fond of donuts.   (Do you think the fact that he was a police officer at one time has some bearing on that?)   
It's human nature that whenever you are dealing with this many people, there are always expectations on both sides that are not met and some changes that have to be made.    Two of the original crew went home before the end of the season but the rest stuck it out and went home the first of November.   
I am sure that they were happy to see their families and friends and homes again.  Since it gets pretty cold in Ohio this time of year, they were ready to go home to their warmer climate too.   The farmstead is certainly quieter without them around.   (Peter...on Jan. 14...the coldest day of the winter, Sadie gave birth to 5 puppies up in the hay barn.  She and the puppies were brought down and have a great warm home in my old play pen in the milk house...where they are getting lots of attention).   
To our first crew....the beautiful red maple trees you gave us were absolutely glorious this Fall.   Thank you again!  
This year Peter presented us with hand drawn portraits of Jim and Jon that are amazingly good.   What a talent!!  They are framed now and are treasures.  Thanks!

Donut loves driving a JCB

Meeting the local law enforcement officers

A fully stocked refrigerator